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December 10, 2009

Season of … weddings!?

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This year I’m pretty sure has been the season for weddings and new engagements. I attended four weddings just this past summer and two good friends of mine have become engaged and plan to be married in the new year, and the following after. So of course my mind has been full of wedding things! From being the Maid of Honor (SO MUCH FUN 🙂 ) to designing the invitations and being the photographer for an engagement, I have had plenty of ideas for my own wedding… not that I’ll be planning that anytime soon! But who hasn’t thought of what their big day would be like here and there?

A couple of the weddings I attended, the bride and groom had set up a website with all their information on it. The usual…who,when,where,time, etc. I think this is pretty cool! It’s good for those who misplace the invitations and have forgotten to write it down or haven’t RSVPed in time (none of these apply to me! haha). And so I thought I would look around for some of the websites and see if anything caught my eye. I would like to think that I’ll be the one designing my own website when they big day comes! Not using DREAMWEAVER, of course 🙂

I did come across this cool website called, http://www.Wedsite.com … for a while I kept seeing WEBsite! I really enjoy the first page that comes up. Pretty flowers in the background that move around, one of my favorite fonts used for text, the navigation has icon and words, and the colours used in the little icon match well with each other. This page is gave me a very pleasant feeling.

Home Page


After choosing from the navigation where you would to go (I chose “sample”) music in the background comes up! Which you can turn off in the bottom left of the page when it starts to get annoying.

Let me tell you, I fell in love with this sample. It’s a really neat idea to have all your information about the wedding laid out in book format and all the flowers and colours are so pretty. And the background compliments it very well. I love the layout of the website!!

I also really enjoyed the “design” page. It has a section of designs where you can choose images and the colours you like and another section where you choose the background image and colour. SO COOL! It than gives you preview of what it would look like together.

I am very happy with this find. 🙂  It’s also the FIRST site that comes up when you put “wedding websites” in google.

The only dislike I could muster up is that you can’t get back to the original home page that you first come across. However, the navigation remains the same on every page. So the pages that really need, are the ones listed and you don’t even need to see the first page again!

Happy Weddings!!! 🙂

“A dream is a wish your heart makes” 🙂


November 25, 2009

Grocery Clutteredness!

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So, once again, I was bored and decided to look at a bunch of websites of places that I have shopped at, been to, or passed by. Today, I have chosen SOBEYS! (http://www.sobeys.com)

I enjoyed the first page I came across when I put in the URL. It’s the Region selection page, so you can pick what province you are from and has some pretty nice graphics. After choosing your province, it navigates you to the home page of the website.

However, once getting here I didn’t really know what to do…it’s really boxy and cluttered and busy!

I mean, obviously all the primary and secondary navigation is there, but to me everything looks so EVERYWHERE! I didn’t know where to look first, what I should be looking at first. I guessed the bigger image on the left hand side?? It just seems so cluttered, I don’t really like it.

I think the green is a pretty color though…and I like the recipe page! I enjoy food; who doesn’t!? They have a cool navigation bar on the side where you can search for specific recipes based on the amount of time you have, what kind of food mood you’re in, the occasion, etc.

So I guess it’s kind of half and half than…I like some of the aspects of the website. I think they’re neat ideas, but it could definitely do without the clutteredness of it. However, I can’t really think of another solution that could fix it without adding more and more links or pages.


November 14, 2009


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Wow. I’m surprised that I haven’t written about one of my MOST FAVORITE SINGERS before! I’m pretty sure you all saw this coming at one point or another! =) And if you haven’t heard me talking about him until now, well, you’re missing out! I wanted to use his official website to show you all, but it turns out that I have to sign up again to be a part of the fan club to get access (expired last month =( ). http://www.jessemac.com  (Just in case some of you would like to look!)

So I’ve decided to settle for the next best thing. It is one of the biggest fan sites for Jesse McCartney on the web and looks great! (http://oh-jesse.org/) Remember my post before where I declared how I love swirls, and flowers and anything illustrative really? WELL. This is amazing! What’s better than an image of the beautiful Jesse with an illustrative background!? Two for one! AMAZING.



Illustrative Background + Jesse McCartney = Amazing<3

Whew, I could look at that all day. Besides the gorgeousness of my obsession, the rest of the website is pretty cool. It’s also very easy to navigate around.

One thing I noticed that I haven’t seen before on another site is when you click to go on another page, say his FanStuff header, it opens a new window. I thought it would do this for all the other headings (which would be annoying because you’d have so many open) but the other ones stay on the same page as his FanStuff. So in the end, you have a window for the Home page and another for the other headings. It’s different, and you know exactly how to get back to the home page. Cool!



SO Goodlooking =)

Hope you all enjoyed this! I sure did.



Navigation Sweetness

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Everytime I visit a new webpage I find myself checking out their navigation. If it’s easy for me to get around the site or if it’s different than any one that I’ve seen before. I can’t remember how I came across this one site, but I’m happy that I did!

Going through the website, (which is http://3oneseven.com by the way) most of their pages have the same navigation like other websites. Click on the header and it leads you to the next page and you look around there for the next link you want to visit. Than I came across the Graphic Design page and the navigation to look through their selected work is really cool!


It’s a gallery navigation. They have 25 different selections you can chose from and when you hover your mouse over them (without clicking anything) it rotates around. On the bottom of the gallery there is a rotating sign. When you click on that, other pieces of artwork fly in and replace ones that are already there. When you’ve decided on which one you’d like to look at, click on it, and it blows up in size, and again with your mouse hovering over it, you can rotate it to look at all sides of it. In the bottom right corner of each piece is another rotating sign that flips the design over and you can see who made it, the time and the date. And than when you click off artwork (white background) it’ll take you back to looking at the selection of work.


I thought this was really cool!

It was really disapointing though, that none of the other pages had cool navigation like this one. The rest of the navigation I found pretty well BLAH.

I thought some of her artwork was pretty neat and if you would like to see some more as well, here is her deviant page. http://milo317.deviantart.com/

Enjoy! =)

October 11, 2009

Fabulous Find

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At the beginning of last class, I was frustrated and not really paying attention because all I wanted to do was have a critique for our mock-ups we created for Cafe Artesano. However, just this weekend I’ve been looking around for some inspiration for good navigation, backgrounds, layouts and found that some websites that have been created are absolutely amazing! i actually found this site that has eighty different examples of large backgrounds that have been used, and how well they work.


Once I started to go through this site I found my favorite one. Something about illustrative backgrounds just amaze me and I pick them out everytime.


This website is called n.design studio and while I was scrolling around through it, found out it is a design blog website focusing on illustrations, stock icons and CSS websites. It has a sweet Blog page where I found themes you can use for WORDPRESS! 😀 There are also Illustrator and Dreamweaver tutorials where you can chose what you would like to learn, and read along with the creator’s blog to see what he is up to.

Wallpaper Design

Wallpaper Design

I thouroughly enjoyed this website. Looking through his porfolio, (which is full of graphic design, logo designs, web designs, and vector illustrations by the way) kept me very interested. This one is definitely for the favorites. The only thing I didn’t like? While looking through his archives, it looks like the last blog was written in June 2009. I would definitely like to keep visiting and maybe one day he’ll update!

For those of you who like the illustrative aspect, I reccomend looking through this site and also the first one I mentioned to look at other great backgrounds created.

Have fun!

September 28, 2009

Wonderful World of Website Auditing

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Week before last, our class received our Project 2: Part A handout. This was to begin our competitive website audit for the Cafe Artesano Website. To be honest, I was dreading having to look up sites beyond sites of anything coffee.

However, about half way through my searches I found that I was having fun! Comparing the websites against one another was turning out to be quite interesting, and I found myself striving to find even better ones. I found cute little cafe’s all over the place that I had never heard about and looked at the obvious ones like Second Cup and Tim Horton’s. I really enjoyed the Second Cup site. Like the steaming coffee and when you’re waiting for a page to load the brewing cup of coffee percentage. (http://www.secondcup.com

But, as we all know, sometimes when something is to good to be true (like me having fun doing homework) it all comes crashing to an end. Amongst my searches I found a site that was from Hawaii. I got really excited because the home page had a sweet logo and I really liked the colors.


I than entered the site and I was wowed again. A little message popped up about their mission on how they wanted to serve their guests and give them the best coffee ever. Again, I was pumped to see the rest of this site. But once this mission statement disappeared so did my excitement. I was on the home page and there were no pictures and it was VERY plain. All it had was the KimoBean logo and the navigation bar at the bottom. Also, some of the links didn’t even work! I was so very disappointed. (http://www.kimobean.com

Take a look. It’ll only disappoint you.

Besides this one unfortunate event, the rest of my time spent looking at other sites went a bit better. There were sites that confused me and ones that were awesome, but none again that made me so happy to SO DISAPPOINTED in such a short period of time. 

Finding out that I like website auditing was a surprise.

I’d definitely like to use it to compare other subjects that interest me.

September 10, 2009

Design Had Me At Two

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Without realizing it, I started design when I was a toddler. Of course, back than I didn’t know that it was going to be what I wanted to do in my future career. Whether I was drawing on the walls, colouring in a colour book, or doodling all over anything else I could find, I always had the urge to create something of my own.

During elementary and juinor high I always spent the majority of my time on the creative homework than anything else. It was than that I started to realize that this was something I could further myself with. In grade 9, I started a website on my favorite boy band (YES, Jesse McCartney!) and that’s when it really hit me that this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a great layout, have links, and make the type and photos look good, but I didn’t have the knowledge at the time. When I got to high school, they weren’t offering any courses in what  I needed to learn, but this didn’t stop me from learning about other medias of design. I loved taking pictures of almost anything and fixing them on the computer. I took art and learnt to draw, paint and further those creative skills.

From a friend I heard about Grant MacEwan’s three year program for design studies. I was estatic! The first year certificate was exactly what I wanted. Learning a little bit about everything would greatly increase my knowledge. And the next two years? You could pick out of five majors! In went my portfolio, and lo and belhold, I was accepted.

Today, I’m in my third and final year of design studies. My major being Digital Media and I absolutely love it. Through all the loads of homework and sometimes not-so-great critiques, I still know that this is when I’m supposed to be. I can only go forward from here and I know I’ll be successful in whatever I choose to do in the workfield.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings!


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